Thursday, May 24, 2007


We are born in this earth not out of our sweet will. It just happened as the end result of a carnal passion. We do not know our past - our pre-birth status. The future too is unpredictable. Once we come of age, normally we are our own providers. To live this life or to meet even its bare necessity we have to stray off our path and violate canons of ethics taught to us. We kill the mutes and relish it. We violate the essentials of brotherhood between men. Wealth and fame make us arrogant. Poverty and avarice drive us to scramble for money. For every wrong thing we do, we find a justification for it. We do all these things because we were born, the result of an act, not of our choice. Since we were not responsible for our origin, it is pure logic that none can commit us to A SECOND HELL believed to be above.
K. Mathew Thomas

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