Thursday, May 24, 2007

Consider this:

If a young woman from, say, the year 1900, could somehow be transported in time to the present day, what would she find most disturbing and shocking? She would enjoy much greater opportunity for education and employment. And work would be so much easier with all these laborsaving devices. She’d love the personal convenience of the automobile and the distance-destroying effect of the airplane. These and many other things would be welcome. The revealing clothing and the vulgar level of conversation would certainly startle her; but she could get used to it. No, the big shock would come when she talked with her new friends and found out about their marriages…or the absence thereof. The prevalence of divorce and cohabitation, the lack of any sense of reverence for the institution of marriage in general, the openly-expressed attitudes toward sex as recreation or as a kind of human right, the delinquency of husbands and fathers with regard to their families—these would leave her literally agape with surprise and despair. Nothing in her background would have led her to expect it. She would naturally conclude that ours is a society in the process of slow self-destruction, and she would be justifiably frightened:
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